Make geospatial data and technology work for you by partnering with us for training, development and maintenance of GIS systems.

Kartoza is a South Africa-based Free and Open Source GIS (FOSSGIS) service provider. We use GIS software to solve complex location-related problems for individuals, businesses and governments around the world.

Our team develops software using FOSSGIS to give you the freedom to share and modify your GIS as your needs grow and change.

What Kartoza Does
Training & Education
Our experts train corporates, NGOs and government departments to use GIS software optimally.

We also provide curriculum materials for schools and universities, and train teachers to foster the study of GIS and geospatial

Training is a core part of this objective. We aim to grow this vital geospatial skill set so we can help address the high levels of youth unemployment in South Africa.
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Software Development & Consultancy

The Kartoza team develops custom geographic information systems that deliver geospatial intelligence to our clients around the world.

Our applications are built using FOSSGIS and are available on desktop or web.

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Software Support, Maintenance & Hosting

We provide maintenance and support for existing GIS software.

We can also host and deploy a range of FOSSGIS applications that use PostgreSQL/PostGIS, QGIS, UMN Mapserver and other technologies.

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What is GIS?

A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a computer-based tool that allows you to collect, analyse and connect location-based information and visualise this data on a map. With this system, you can analyse geospatial information to gain insights and solve complex spatial problems.

Kartoza’s Vision Statement

Our vision is to enable a world where spatial decision making tools are universal, accessible and affordable for everyone for the benefit of the planet and the people that inhabit it.

Kartoza’s Strategic Objective and Mission

The Kartoza Strategic Objective is the basis for all corporate and individual decision making.

Statistically we are the largest FOSS geospatial service provider in South Africa and in the top ten globally.

We show up on the first page of and searches for these keywords: ‘open source GIS’; ‘FOSS GIS training’; ‘FOSS GIS support’; ‘geospatial web development’; ‘QGIS development’

Kartoza’s primary offerings are geospatial products and services using Free and Open Source Software. These facilitate spatial decision making and provide tools for economic empowerment.

Through intense commitment to our employees, we will contribute to the success of our clients. The consequence of having loyal, smart, hard-working, long-term, and well-compensated staff is superb quality service to customers.

Our business is complex, with many human, mechanical and computer systems in simultaneous motion. Success depends on refined communication and organisational processes, dedicated staff, documented procedures, first-class office space and equipment, rigorous quality assurance with continuous measurement, assertive innovation, intense planned maintenance and system improvement, aggressive and measured marketing, and relentless attention to detail in every nook and cranny.

Our competitive advantages include an established track record, our ability to solve complex problems with great design, products designed around the unique needs of the customer, thoughtful customer service that is immediate and consistent, the latest high-tech equipment and personal and corporate integrity. We use extraordinarily efficient business systems. We constantly refine and improve all internal systems and mechanisms.

Kartoza's Philosophy

We are a small company with a big dream:

To see Free and Open Source GIS software make its way into every part of society, from government and private enterprise to academia and private users.